What is magnesium good for? and it’s requirement

Magnesium is important for the survival of animals and plants. It is an important part of the green substance Chlorophyll of leaves. With the help of chlorophyll, trees and plants produce the Carbohydrate with carbon dioxide (CO2) gas and water (H2O). If you are looking for what is magnesium good for? here are number of the benefits of magnesium.

what is magnesium good for

There is almost 25 g quantity of magnesium in human body. From which 80% found in the bones and remaining in muscles. The enzymes which play their role to keep working the different biological systems in the human body, their significant number active only in the presence of magnesium ion (Mg++). Serum is a part of blood which remains after extracting the red and white blood particles. There is 20 to 30 mg per litter quantity of magnesium in the serum and almost 20 mg per kg contains in the muscles.

What is magnesium good for:

  • Almost 1.5% weight of dry bones are in the magnesium. Therefore, It is an important element for the bones structure and proper growth and development.
  • It is very complicated process to gain the energy from diet. And many enzymes take part in this. Magnesium has the indispensable position to active this large quantity of the enzymes.
  • It is known by the experiment applied on rats, that the condition like tetanus can be produce due to deficiency of magnesium. And it’s deficiency in blood, also impact the nervous system.


Usually magnesium eats only in the face of soluble salt in drinking water and absorbs like calcium in the initial part of small intestine. Due to more amount of lipids, phosphorus, and phytic acid in diet, the saturation reduce of magnesium.

Sources of Magnesium:

Because magnesium is contained in the chlorophyll, that’s why the vegetables in daily use provide the magnesium according to body requirement. Besides of this, also found in the foodstuffs e.g lentils, dry lespedeza, pea, soyabean and frequently found in the goods that acquired from sea.

Emission From The Body:

30 to 80% magnesium discharge from body with the waste and remaining discharge in the urine.

what is magnesium good for

Daily Requirement Of Magnesium:

By age and Physiological State, it is very difficult with certainty to estimate the daily nutritional requirement of magnesium. In this case which dietary standards were set, that are more than actual requirement. It is suggested to estimate the requirement of magnesium that, weight wise for adult man and woman 5 mg per kg, in the adolescent 10 mg, More than 1 year old babies 12 mg and less than 1 year 8 to 10 mg per kg is require for body weight. Pregnant and breastfeeding women also need the more amount of magnesium.

Children1-5 month60
6-12 month70
1-3 years150
4-6 years200
7-10 years250
11- 14 years350
15-18 years400
more than 19 years350
Womenmore than 11 years 300
Pregnant and breastfeeding women450

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