What is the benefits of tea | And side effects

What is benefits of tea

What is the benefits of tea :

The plant of ‘Tea’ is like a bush.

Its green leaves are used after drying them.

Tea plant is discovered from Sri Lanka, Kenya, Bangladesh, Japan, China and

and also from India.

What are the benefits of tea in summer or winter, This is used as a normal drink in both seasons?

It’s mostly used in the winter season rather than in the summer.

Tea is a very popular drink.

Dry leaves of tea are put into the boiling water.

Its color comes out with this.

Then also add milk, sugar and small cardamom as you need.

It takes hot.

There is no nutrient in the leaves of tea.

However, due to adding milk and sugar some nutrition is produced in it.

What is benefits of tea

Ingredients Of Tea:


This is a chemical substance that becomes the cause of dryness and constipation.

If the leaves of tea heated for more time than much quantity of this substance

get mixed in water.

That’s why the leaves of tea should not be boiled for a long time.

Tannin damages the lining membrane of the stomach and lungs.

Therefore, It’s harmful to the tasks of the stomach.

It makes hard for the part of the protein in our food and it is digestible.

So the use of protein food like meat and cheese with the tea is not useful for


It is also a chemical substance which gives the movements to nerves, muscles,

heart and breath system.

It’s immediately absorbed in the water.

Tea is a stimulus due to this substance.

It is also the source of temporary energy.

That’s why the feeling of tiredness get reduce due to taking tea.

Flavor Oil:

Besides tannin and theine, there is some quantity of flavor oil in the tea.

Which produces the fragrance and aroma in tea.

What is benefits of tea

What is Benefits of tea:

1: Provide the movements in nerves and muscles.

2: It’s temporary to prevent tiredness.

3: In winter it produces the energy in the body and keeps up the temperature of the body.

4: In summer it converts the sweat to vapors and keeps cool the body.

5: Besides this, It keeps alert to the mind.

6: It increases the heartbeat.

7: It has some nutrition due to milk and sugar in it.

8: The people who do work with the body and brain take it only for reducing

the tiredness and it prevents laziness and burden on the temperaments without


9: If you are in depression or tiredness and also feeling the irritation than

tea will give your brain a feeling of rest and comfort.

10: According to food experts use of tea reduce the headache and cholesterol level.

Effects of tea:

1: Tea produces dryness inside the body.

2: More use of it’s will also reduce your hunger.

3: More use of tea will reduce your sleep. Therefore, The aliment of insomnia takes place

with this.

4: It also produces constipation.

5: It increases the heartbeat and breath speed.

6: Besides this, It damages the lining of the membrane in the stomach and lungs.

7: Produces the indigestion.

8: It also tightens the protein diet and does not let it absorb.

9: It produces mucus in the body.

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