Hiv symptoms early warning signs and causes of aids

Hiv symptoms early warning signs :

Word ” AIDS ” is the collection of four English words, A ( Acquired ), I ( Immune ), D ( Deficiency), S ( Syndrome ).

Before understanding the HIV symptoms early warning signs, you should know about the meaning of ‘Aids’. Sex indecent behavior and unnatural acts in sex sharing make the reason for a disease that finish the human immunity that is called ‘Aids‘. The security system of the body to be destroyed due to germs of H.I.V and suffering from many diseases of a human at the same time is also called ‘Aids’.

Aids is a particular type and contagious disease.

It is spread with a specific virus which is called ( HIV ).

H.I.V means H (Human), I (Immune deficiency), V (Virus).

The germs of HIV impact to human immunity and finish it all.

Due to this a negative growth start in the human body and begin the downfall of human health.

hiv symptoms early warning signs

Where Aids found mostly:

Aids is a very dangerous and deadly infirmity. The first time in 1981 it was found out.

Since then it is mostly spread so far in Europe, North and South America, Africa and now also spread in Asia.

But now maybe any country safe from this infirmity.

hiv symptoms early warning signs

When was aids virus discovered :

The virus of HIV was discovered the first time in 1983 in Paris the city of France.

These viruses enter into the cells which are involved in the defense system of the human body. Specially they enter into the helper “T” cells and destroy them completely.

While these cells are an important part of the human defense system, So because of destroying them the human defense system completely lost.

In this condition, the germs of other diseases can easily attack human and due to the weakness of the defense system, a human becomes the victim of many types of diseases.

Period of H.I.V patient after appearing Hiv symptoms early warning signs :

The life of aids patients is determined for almost seven years.

In general, the infected person whether male or female do not know the germs of this virus has entered their body.

And till this virus convey the defense system in that stage even the affected person becomes sick.

However in some cases after starting the symptoms the patient’s death occurs in six months.

Before the starting of symptoms and spread in the body, the presence of the virus can be detected by a specific “Test blood screening” and “Antibodies test“.

hiv symptoms early warning signs

11 HIV symptoms early warning signs :

Symptoms of aids do not appear at the start. However when it’s starting and affecting, then the following
symptoms appear.

1: The patient started attaining intercurrent illness without any reason.

2: Human immunity gets weak slowly.

3: The Patient feels fever for several months.

4: Lymph balls swollen. Especially balls around the neck begin swelling and feel pain.

5: Similarly under arms balls and between the legs balls also be swollen. The situation remains for three months to four years.

6: The patient feels headache bit by bit.

7: The patient also takes cold sweats for many weeks.

8: It does increase a kind of unclear and unknown ‘Fatigue’.

9: Hunger also gets reduced and does not want to eat anything.

10: Human weight goes down day by day.

11: Besides this, Patient feels weakness and speed up the breathing.

Virus that causes aids :

After understanding what is HIV everyone should know about the causes of aids.

  1. Through having (S) with the partner who already has the virus of h.i.v in their body. Whether this joint between male and female or homogeneous.
  2. Polluted syringe of injection may cause of this virus.
  3. Uses of contaminated devices for hair cutting, circumcision or piercing the nose and ears of girls.
  4. The effect blood with the virus of aids, (when it’s transfer to an other’s body)
  5. The persons who take drugs through the injection, if they use polluted syringes of each other.
  6. Trough contaminated devices that are used to pull out the teeth and operation.
  7. When the patient of aids bite to another with their teeth.
  8. An infected husband with aids can transfer this virus to his wife.
  9. This virus can be transferred from mother to her baby while feeding.
  10. If anyone has a cut with the saving blade and eraser which has already used by an infected person of aids.

HIV Prevention:

  1. Always use a new syringe for the injection and waste it after using it.
  2. Be careful from homogeneous.
  3. The best prevention is, it’s virus should not be entered into the body. Spend life with purity and innocence.
  4. Aids infected persons should not donate their blood.
  5. Do not make relations with prostitute women and bad character men.
  6. Always use a new blade for saving or use your hair removing device.
  7. All the apparatus that are used for operation or circumcision should be sterilized.
  8. Do not provide your genial germs for test-tube babies.
  9. An infected woman should not be pregnant.
  10. Do not take blood without an H.I.V test if needed.
  11. After a short period should take a blood treatment if the HIV symptoms early warning signs appeared.
  12. Do not use others’ toothbrush in any condition.
  13. Besides a life partner, should not make (S) relations with any other women.
  14. Prevent doing unnatural acts while having (S) with your life partner.
  15. The young generation should be provided more than much information about the aids.
  16. Aids are cure-less, but prevention is the best treatment of it’s.
  17. Religious and worldly closures should not be break.
  18. Aids virus is very powerful. Therefore, it can be alive in the ultraviolet rays and gamma radiation. But if it’s virus take along with any substance so it can be clean by mixing the 1 part of bleach which is used in the home with 70% alcohol into 10 parts of water and boil it on 56 degrees centigrade for 30 minutes then it’s virus will die from that substance.
  19. This virus should not be transferred from one to any other.
  20. Do not allow any other to make you a victim of aids virus.

How Virus Does Not Effect:

  • Eating and drinking together.
  • Shaking hands with each other.
  • Bite by the insects.
  • Living together and combined.
  • Taking health care for aids’s patients.
  • The person who is suffering from aids he has no virus in his slab of mouth, but if he has no bleeding from their gums.

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