What is a balanced diet and uses

Diet Which has the proper quantity of these 6 ingredients of nutrition:

  • FATS
  • And ingredient which maintains the proper growth of body and health. Produces heat and energy and physical functions stay correct. Immunity produces against the diseases and humans can happily perform the daily work it is called a balanced diet.

If anyone of the ingredient is missed from all these six then it will be an unbalanced diet and it may be affected the health. Body growth may reduce and body requirements cannot be completed. Always be the fear of diseases with this.

What is a balanced diet

What is a balanced diet purpose:

The Purpose of a balanced diet is providing the growth to the body, repair the breakdown, provide heat and energy and keeps retain the heat of the body up to a specific amount. Our diet should be simple, able to digest and tasty. A balanced diet is a reason for providing the right amount of heat and energy to the body.
In the knowledge of nutrition ‘Calorie’ means “A scale or unit to measure the heat ( The amount of heat that is needed to warm up the 1 cube centimeter water up to 1-degree centigrade is called one calorie)”. That’s why the importance of nutrition can be seen by these calories but don’t think that the more calories diet is enough necessary to use, Rather the diet should contain with the proper quantity of all important ingredients. So that our physical requirements are fulfilled and keep up the health and fitness.

Qualities the Of Balanced Diet:

  1. 6 ingredients of the nutrition should be contained in proper quantity.
  2. Diet should be simple and able to digest.
  3. Food should be tasty.
  4. Food should be change and change because only one type of food can not meet all the requirements of the body. Beside heart goes full due to eating the same kind of food daily.
  5. Diet can give the proper amount of calories to the body according to the nature of work.
  6. The amount of diet should according to requirements of the body So that the body does not miss any kind to growth.
  7. Diet should be tasty and delicious. With this, the fluids of the stomach are wiped up in much quantity. And meal quickly digest to absorb in the body.
  8. Our meal should be fresh and clean. It shouldn’t be inhabitant and should be saved from bees, dust, and germs.
  9. At the time of determining the quantity of meals, we should especially keep in mind Age, Gender, Profession, and Climate. We should eat the meal slowly munching it.
What is a balanced diet

Determine The Quantity Of Meal:

We should take care of the listed things.

What is the balanced diet for Age:

At the time to assessment of meals keep in mind about the age, this is very necessary. A child needs a lot of food during their growth period. That’s why they can grow better. An old person has been completed his growth. That’s why they need less quantity of meals rather than a youngster or child. Children and students of a young age should use the proper quantity of fresh fruits and milk. Besides, they should also eat the meat of animals “which we allow to eat”. Old people should take the meal which they are like more it means a soft, simple and digest able diet.


The Muscle’s formats of males and females are naturally different from each other. Men needed much diet than women. Because they have to do stuff, more power, and hard-working tasks. while the women have to do less power works. That’s why women need less diet. However, Pregnant women and which have to feed the baby, they needed much quantity of meals.


During the assessment of the meal, we should also keep in mind the climate. There are required many fats in the cold weather countries rather than hot weather. So that the body produces more heat and energy due to fats and can face the cool weather. On the contrary, there is no more use of fats in hot countries. Similarly, there is much use of water in hot countries rather than in cold countries.


At the time of the assessment of meals we should also keep in mind, what is a balanced diet for the profession? Because the people who have to do different types of work are required different quantities of meals. Hard-working persons and players who have to participate in sports require a more balanced diet instead of a common person. That helps to complete all requirements of the body. Similarly, a laborer or a hard-working man needs more diet than any clerk or an office worker. Because a clerk has to work sitting or standing in one place only. While a laborer has to work very hard. If a hard-working person eats the less quantity or unbalanced diet then his body requirements can not be complete and his health becomes down, immunity will be reduced and he becomes the victim of many types of diseases.

Proper Interval:

The meal should be eaten after a proper interval. There should be 5 to 6 hours of gape into eating a meal again. Because generally 2.5 to 3 hours required for digesting the food. Then, almost the same period is required for giving rest the stomach. So that it can work properly. That’s why a proper break is very important in the time of eating the meal.


Since in winter our days are shorter and nights are larger. While in summer days are larger and nights are shorter. That’s why in summer 3 times should to eat and in winter 2 times should to eat. In summer use more salts/minerals and water, because it keeps moderate the body temperature. While in winter use more diets contain fats. Because fats produces heat in the body and save the body from cooling.

How much food should you eat?

We should eat the appropriate amount of food. Food quantity must be enough which can easily assimilate and fulfill all requirements of the body. “Some people only eat to stay alive and some stay alive to eat only”. Although eating so much food is harmful such as eating very little food. That’s why in both conditions we should keep a moderate limit.

Rules of eating:

Always wash your hands properly before eating the meal. Then eat slowly, silently and contentedly. Eat the meal when it feels hunger and always keeping remain some hunger when eat. Do not make a noise while eating. Take special care of cleaning the hands and teeth after eating the meal.