What are the carbohydrates food

What are the carbohydrates food :

Carbohydrate is contained on the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is work as a feul in to our body and produces the heat. Carbohydrate food change in to sugar from the process of digestive system. Sugar is soluble in the water. That’s why it’s do not store in to the body. Therefore, extra sugar stored in the liver after converting to glycogen and at the time to need change in to sugar and helps for the body. Mostly carbohydrate found in the sugar and jaggery.

What are the carbohydrates food

Sources of carbohydrates :

Animal sources or animal carbohydrate:

It is contained in the milk, yogurt, and better. For example the milk sugar is ‘Lactose’ and animal sugar is ‘Glycogen’ which lives in the liver.

Vegetable sources or vegetable carbohydrate:

Carbohydrate mostly gain from the vegetable sources. For example, Wheat, Rice, Corn, Millet, Potato, Sweet potato, Sugarcane, Date, Grapes, Mango, Melon, Water Caltrop, Water Melon, Pear, Cantaloupe, Apricot and all other sweet fruits are contained with the carbohydrate. The carbohydrate diets which are gain from vegetable sources are cheap, rather than the diet which are gain from animal sources. Besides of this, every sweet fruit or substance also has some amount of glucose which is delivered to stomach and absorb in to the body. That’s why, at the time to break all player refresh their self with the fruits juice like ( Orange, Tangerine, Bite of sugar cane, Apple or Glucose.
I.e. Energy drinks provide to them.

What are the carbohydrates food

Bad carbs vs good carbs:

How much carbohydrate absorbs in the body, it does not consume with the same amount from body. However the carbohydrate which saves from consuming in the body that is stored in liver and tendons. If it is in the over amount then it’s store in body in the face of fats. Due to much use of carbohydrate food and not doing exercise, The task of pancreas become weak and it does make quantity of insulin as needed. When the insulin does not produced then carbohydrate or sugar does not convert in to glycogen. Therefore, the disease of diabetes takes place. Besides of this, An adolescent person needed 250 g to 400 g carbohydrate daily.

Benefits of Carbohydrates:

1 . The carbohydrate food produces heat after burn. Therefore carbohydrate also called the feul of diet.
2 . It’s provide power and energy to the body.
3 . Also Repair the damages of body.
4 . After arriving in the stomach it’s digest quickly and absorb in to the body.
5 . It’s also support in the body growth.
6 . Besides of this, it’s proved helpful and useful for refreshing immediately.
7 . Increases the power of muscles.
8 . It stores in the body in face of glycogen. Which helps at the time of doing argent and hard work or exercise and fasting.

Effects of lackness:

1 . The proper growth and energy can not be provide due to lack of this.
2 . Body gets weak due to lack of carbohydrates.
3 . Body growth also effected.
4 . Body weight started reducing.
5 . Due to lack of this, Glycogen reduces in the liver and blood also gets reduced.
6 . Human becomes many types of diseases.

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