Uses For Iodine And Best Sources

There is 20 to 50 mg Iodine contained in the body of an adult person. Almost 8 mg found in the Thyroid gland from this quantity. The weight of this gland is equal to 0.2 % of a man’s total weight. From the proportion of this gland, if we see the uses for iodine amount in this. Then it seems a very saturated solution.

uses for iodine


Iodine enters into the blood vessel as an element or Amino acid from the initial part of the small intestine. And reach to the thyroid.

Diseases Due to deficiency of iodine:

A disease of Goiter takes place due to the constant deficiency of iodine in the diet. In some areas of the world, it is found in an epidemic case. This disease impacts the yield of hormone which has thyroid gland moisture. As a result, the size of the thyroid gland gets increased and look in tumors shape on the throat. The easy way to prevention of this disease is the use of Iodine in the dietary salt with a ratio of 1:2*105 or 1:5*105.

uses for iodine

If deficiency of hormone produced due to dietary lack ness of iodine. Then it negatively impacts the protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, and metabolism of calcium and also stops the growth.

Sources Of Iodine:

Whether food acquires from the plants or animals. The iodine contained in it depends on the matter, that how much quantity of iodine has the environment in which they are nourishing. Such lands where iodine contains in low amount. The crops that grow on it also have a low amount of iodine. Besides this, the grazing animals on the land also have a deficiency of iodine. The high quantity of iodine acquires from the things that obtain from the sea.

Daily Uses For Iodine:

The requirements of iodine are different by body and gender. In men and women, the iodine requirement keeps increasing until the age of 18 years. Later on, it’s decreased a little. Pregnant and breastfeeding women also need more iodine.

GenderAgeIodine (Microgram/Per day)
Children1-5 month35
6-12 month45
1-3 years60
4-6 years80
7-10 years110
Men11-14 years130
15-18 years150
19-22 years140
23-50 years130
More than 50 years110
Women11-18 years115
More than 50 years80

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