Things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage

Pregnant woman has many deficiencies and diseases which impact the growth of Fetus in different times. After a long time research, The experts have discovered that’ Blindness, Deafness and Stop growing are included in these effects. An element like ‘Syphilis Spirochetes‘ if make their impact on fetus, then miscarriage can be occurs or Mental impairment, Blindness and other problems can be appear. This element does not impact before 18 weeks. That’s why, if pregnant woman be cured before that stage then it can be avoided and you should also have awareness about which things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage.

Besides of this, some other diseases in pregnant. Such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Incompatible Blood can be effect the baby growth. There are many possibilities of Miscarriage due to these diseases. Non compatible blood means, if Baby has ‘RH-Positive‘ and the mother has ‘RH-Negative’ in their blood then the baby may be lost or may be dead through the ‘Erythroblastosis‘. Because the ‘Red blood Corpuscles’ destroyed in this and fetus does not get the proper oxygen.

Erythroblastosis definition:

Antigens are produced in the RH-Positive blood of fetus and then these are transferred through the ‘Placenta’ to mother’s RH-Negative blood. In this way Toxic substances are produced in the mother’s blood and they come back in to baby. As a result, erythroblastosis takes place.

Things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage:

Medications during pregnancy:

Pregnant woman should use the medicine minimally but according to “MARX, 1973” a research has proven that 82 % pregnant women use the medicine On the doctor’s advice and 65 % use by them self. Some of these for treatment and some for gaining other purposes (Including rest).

Things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage

Thalidomide side effects:

The following defects are visible in baby due to using this medicine.
Eye disorders.
Carved lips.
Flat nose.
Small ears.
Facial palsy.
Do not have hand and feet toes.

Besides of this, it’s also impact on the other different body systems. According to research of (Decarie, 1969) 22 babies who were 4 years old. When this medicine given to them, then found out their arms and feet did not grew properly. If pregnant to be injected of the ‘Reserpine‘ (which is used To remove the discomfort). Then exactly possible the breathing problem will create in baby. Thus in the result of ‘Tetracylins‘ growth of baby bones may be stop.To avoid Tetanus if use the medicines then it is possible, at the time of birth baby has carved lip or carved palate.
More use of ‘Aspirin‘ also makes the problem in baby’s blood.

Des during pregnancy:

Diethylstibestrol is a ‘Synthetic Hormone‘. Which was suggested to pregnant during session of 1947 to 1964 for avoid the miscarriage. Almost 20 million women used this medicine. At the end of 1960 it’s came to know that, so many girls whose mothers were took this medicine. They had defect in their vaginal.

Things to avoid during pregnancy that cause miscarriage

Pain medicine while pregnant:

Research has discovered these results that, The use of pain medicines does not produce positive results. Rather children do suffer from some problems that affect their ability to move.

Drugs during pregnancy:

If a pregnant continues to use such medicines, then the unborn baby does not healthy rather suffers from many diseases. These include uncomfortable, vomiting, trembling, shortness of breath, etc. The same is possible to result in the death of a child. The use of these drugs reduces the ability of a woman to give birth and if the woman becomes pregnant, the baby will be born prematurely or it will be low weight.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy:

If Pregnant uses these frequently,then the baby may be lost or will be born prematurely or low weight.

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