Sulfur Properties And Sources Of Sulfur

Sulfur is essential for human body. These acid are included in the proteins which use for the construction of different body cells. In this way, sulfur found in the all cells of the body. Here are some properties of sulfur.

sulfur properties

Sulfur properties and Importance for human body:

  • It is very useful for constipation and piles.
  • Sulfur is also useful for the skin problems specially for the acne.
  • If a Scorpion bite at anyone, then apply the paste of sulfur powder on the affected part. It will suck out it’s poison.
  • Vitamin B1 which is also called thiamine, it has contained with sulfur.
  • An other vitamin that is called biotin it also has sulfur in it.
  • Sulfur included in the helper Co enzyme-A . It is an important enzyme which is use in the process of gaining energy from carbohydrates and fats.
  • Heparin is a mixture which stops the blood condensing without cause and keeps maintain it’s flow. Heparin also contain with sulfur.
  • It’s produce the Sulfuric Acid into the body which make such mixtures together with substances that are produced during the changes of Metabolism. Those mixture extract by the urine.

Sources of Sulfur:

It is found at the volcano mountains in pure condition or with metals like lead, zinc and copper in the shape of yellow stones. It is also found it some runnels. And due to taking bath in runnel water the skin diseases get away.

sulfur properties

Nutritional Source:

For human body there is only one way to gaining sulfur and that are Amino Acids which has contained with sulfur. Besides of this, sulfur has no specific energy to absorb into the body. That’s why because, only proteins are more important in the dietary sources of sulfur. Because these are contained with the amino acids like Stine, Styne and Methionine. Almost 1 to 1.5 gram sulfur acquired from the 100 gram mixed protein.

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