Salt is good for you and body requirements

Salt is good for you :

Salts are very important to keep stable the health and human body. There many salt found in the body which are very necessary for the growth of body. The salts help to retain the body system in moderate limit. These are required in the every cell of the body. These salts are extract from the body in the way of sweat, urine and pooping.Therefore, that food should be eat which is contained with the salts or minerals. These salts or minerals are found in the eges, milk, fish, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

What is salt in chemistry?

Salts have many types some of them are popular:

1 . Sodium Chloride (NA CL)
2 . Sulphur (S)
3 . Calcium (CA)
4 . Potassium (K)
5 . Magnesium (MG)
6 . Phosphorous (P)
7 . Iron (FE)
8 . Iodine (I)

This is important to remember that “The more use of salts or minerals becomes the cause of risk on the kidneys”. Disruption creates in the tasks of kidneys, From which the disease of high blood pressure takes place. From all these salts the Iodine salt is good for you and required for all systems of the body.

How salt is good for you :

1 . Salts/Minerals help to keep retain all the systems of our body.
2 . Make strong the bones and teeth.
3 . Help to digest the meal.
4 . Steel salts help to make the white blood cells and copper salts make the red blood cells.

5 . They quick recover the injury and help in stop the bleeding.
6 . Besides of this, it’s beneficial for pregnant and breath feeding women and also useful for the growth of little children.
7 . While controlling the nerves and muscles save them from rankling.
8 . Salts make the food delicious and tasty.

salt is good for you

Lackness of salt bad for you:

1 . All the body systems are badly effected and the disease of goiter takes place. 2 . Salt is good for you. Therefore, the bones and teeth do not grow properly
due to lackness of salt.
3 . The lackness of white blood cells and red blood cells is also produced.
4 . The control lose on the nerves and muscles and human become rankled easily.
5 . Bleeding does not stop quickly and injury does not recover soon.
6 . Lackness of blood takes place and physically and mentally weakness produced.
7 . The food does not digest quickly.
8 . If the meal does not has salts then it will not cook delicious.

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