Plum healthcare And Top 33 Benefits

Top 33 such plum healthcare benefits which make as pure gold to the human body.

Growing Plums:

These are growing in the valley of Himalayas and mountain areas. For example in the area of Jammu Kashmir, Shimla, Himachal, Pradesh, besides Jammu Kashmir these also grow frequently in the province of Balochistan in Pakistan. But the Plums which are grown in Iran or Afghanistan are known very tasty. These also found in the area of Europe.

plum healthcare

Elephant Heart plum:

There are two types of plums one grows in the gardens and others grow in the area of mountains. In the garden it’s generally found in the large shape and black colored. While the plum that is found in the wild area has small leaves and plants.

Top 33 Plum Benefits:

  1. Plum makes relax to the temperament.
  2. It gives satisfaction to thirst.
  3. Reduces the warmth of blood. Therefore beneficial for the patients of blood pressure.
  4. Plum is a good taste and soft fruit.
  5. The use of plum very useful during Nausea.
  6. It is also very useful in the summer for headaches due to heats.
  7. Quick recovers the injury.
  8. After rubbing the leaves of plum, embrocate with it under the navel, It will remove the intestinal worms.
  9. To stop the flu, gargle with Infusion made of plum leaves is very beneficial.
  10. Jam of plum is full of refreshing and saves from constipation.
  11. Soak the dry plum into the water all night and drink its water in the morning after the filter. It is beneficial for Nocturnal emission. If the powder of Anise also added in this water then it will give double the plum healthcare benefit.
  12. At the time to sleep at night if ten grains of plum will eat then pooping will be easy in the morning.
  13. Continually use of plums is very beneficial to remove itching.
  14. It is not harmful to use in cough.
  15. Turns away the dryness of mouth and throat.
  16. Plums are contained with a high quantity of vitamins A, B, P, and C.
  17. This is the best diet for whose, who have to do Brainwork.
  18. Turns away the heat of feet.
  19. It is also best for the Irritable temperament persons and that ailment turns away with this.
  20. The use of plum is best for sleep disorders.
  21. In the ailment of Jaundice, Make the powder of 250 grams Cumin and Cocklebur/Thistle. And take it’s 24-gram powder three times a day with 250 gram Plum. It is very beneficial for this ailment.
  22. For skin diseases, the use of Jujube syrup one time a day along with plum is very beneficial.
  23. In the situation of Brain dryness, Bloating, Lack of appetite and Stomach pain. Soak the 7 grains of plum with 30-gram tamarind in the sap of anise at the night and filter this sap in the morning. Three days’ use of this with adding some salt is very beneficial.
  24. In the situation of gallbladder stone, The continuous use of plum along with 2 or 3 times daily Chicory water and Nigella seed’s water 100 ml very beneficial. A few day’s uses (almost three weeks) get full health recovery. Dry plum also can be used. The persons who are Cold tempered and have Nerve pains they should not use of plum. Besides this, who has the problem of Diarrhea they should also avoid plums.
  25. Plum syrup is also made, which is prepared with dry plums, Rosewater, and sugar. It is useful for Constipation, Heat, Itchy and blood warmth. Besides this, it is also useful for Jaundice, More thirst, and headaches.
  26. Take one tablespoon of the plum juice after baking, it is useful for the sore throat and vomiting.
  27. If you have the pain of kidneys and Urine comes to a halt than the use of plum rated as medicine.
  28. Also very useful in the Blood cancer and initial stage recovers with this. Eat acetic plum for that purpose.
  29. Diabetic patients can also take the substantial benefit of plum healthcare with the use of acetic plum.
  30. Plum provides the power to eyesight and removes the stones from the kidney and urinary bladder.
  31. To remove the poops, Take 15 grains of plum and soak it all night, In the morning filter, it’s water and drink for a few days with adding some sugar. It will be beneficial.
  32. The use of plum is also very beneficial to stop making gallbladder stones. Some time stones (which have made) remove after melting with this. But in the condition, if the use of plum becomes a daily routine in the season. If it’s out of season then dry plum can be used after soaking.
  33. The Sauce of plum is also very beneficial. That is food digesting and delicious.
plum healthcare

Plum Sauce Recipe:

  • Ingredients for the recipe of this sauce.
  • Dry plum half kg
  • Sugar 1 kg
  • Lemon Juice 250 g
  • Raisin 250 g
  • Dry dates 250 g
  • Mint half kg
  • Large Cardamom 5 grains
  • Besides these, Almond’s nut, Small Cardamom, Black pepper, Ginger, Red pepper and Salt each with the amount of 50 g.
plum healthcare

Plum Healthcare With Delicious Sauce:

Soak the plum after washing it at night and grind well with squeezing in the morning. Make a sauce of Ginger and Mint after rubbing and boil the plums with this. Also, add sliced raisin and dry dates in it. After giving three to four boils take it down from the stove now add all other remaining items in it. The Sauce is ready.

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