Physical exercise for body fitness

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Physical exercise types :

Activities which people are do for make their body beautiful and symmetric that is physical exercise. In modern trend exercise meant by those specific movement that are perform for a special purpose. So that, endurance, activeness, cleverness and flexibility is produced in the human body. Adapting the activities of exercise body becomes strong and flexible otherwise the human body retains idol and fumbler. If attention give to these activities than ability retains good and alertness and cleverness produced in the body.

Physical exercise

Benefits of exercise:

1 . Makes the body powerful and strong.
2 . Produces flexibility in the body.
3 . Physical exercise makes human bold and brave.
4 . Work interest increases.
5 . Body performance increases.
6 . Audacity produces to competite all the challenges.
7 . Self confidence, mentally rest and satisfaction in gained.
8 . Natural abilities are highlighted.
9 . The ability also produces to self control.
10 . Patient and alertness increases.
11 . Energy produces into the body.
12 . The balance of the body retains persist.
13 . It’s make the human a useful citizen.
14 . Human has the ability to take better powerful decision.
15 . It’s also produces the creative power in the children.
16 . Keeps the appropriate change on the temperament of children.

17 . This is a effective way for discharge the wastes of the body.
18 . Teaches the Confiscation.
19 . Exercise keeps away the consumer defects.
20 . It makes the well performance of organic systems.
21 . It’s play an important role in the preparation of regular games.
22 . Also produces the emotions of goodwill.

Types of exercise:

Warming up exercises:

That easy/light activities or exercises should be started at the beginning, which ready the tendon for complicated type physical activities and increases the blood circulation. So that the player will be physically ready for weather, climate and environment. Therefore, The tendons will not be damaged and performance also will not be impacted.
For example, walking fast, run slowly slowly in a circle, jumping bounce, doing light activities of arms and legs that are warming up exercises.

Physical exercise for body :

Those activities which give more than much movement to the joints. Make strong muscles and help to keep up the balance. e.g. Jumping and bouncing, jump and turn claws to front, back or directions, jumping rope, Therefore, that are exercises which continual the different parts of the body.

Physical exercise

Quicker and flexible body’s exercises :

Exercises which increase the quickness, efficiency and flexibility of the body and also enhance the ability of muscles to spreading and shrinking. So that The flexibility can be produced in the body with complete harmony.

Warming down/Finishing exercises :

Those activities which bring the system of blood circulation and respiration from fast to normal condition and give rest and relaxation is called finishing physical exercise. besides of this, That activities also give the peaceful and comfortable effect . Walk slowly slowly, sitting down and spread legs, taking long breath while lifting arm front, taking long breath while lift up the heels and putting arm on hips. These are the finishing activities.

Arm Exercises :

1 . Lift up the arm to sides.
2 . Lift up the arm from front.
3 . Also Lift up the arm from front and take down from sides.
4 . Besides of this, Turn arm in the position of circle.
5 . Bonce up while lifting up the arm from sides.
6 . Push ups while quad standing.
7 . Pull-ups while hanging with cross bar.

Leg exercises :

1 . Bounce from the ball.
2 . Jump to front, back and sides.
3 . Run while standing at your position.
4 . Frog jumping while sitting on toe.
5 . lying on the ground and cycling.
6 . Stand on one leg and kick in the air with other leg.
7 . Jump up and touch both knee to breast.
8 . Touch both feet to hips while jumping up.

Abdominal exercises :

1 . (Stand opening legs) Touch the ground with hands while body bending from head side to ground.
2 . Lift up the legs while lying flat and keep down slowly slowly.
3 . Take sit ups while lying down flat.
4 . (While sitting long) Touching head and legs repeatedly.
5 . Lift up the legs and head in turn while lying flat.
6 . Tie both hand at back, bend down the head and touch the knees with forehead. do not be curve in the knees.
7 . Make arch with the body.
8 . Standing open legs and touch right foot with left arm then touch left foot with right arm.

Lateral exercises :

1 . Putting hand on hips and bend the head left then right.
2 . Standing Join the both feet, Touch legs down to down after a turn with hands.
3 . Rotate the head while putting hands on hips.
4 . Lying flat and touch the ground left right with claws.
5 . While cross sitting, touch the ear to opposite knee.
6 . Lying take a side, lift up the upper leg.
7 . Touching the opposite foot with hand while sitting open legs.
8 . Standing open legs, put hand on neck and bend the head to sides and touch the forehead with knees.

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