One A Day Multivitamin | Fat Soluble

Vitamins analysis the meal and help to absorb in to the body. It’s also keep up the regularity and continuation of human digestive system, nervous system and all other body’s systems. If just one vitamin reduced from the body, then it will be impact on all other important ingredients of food like Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and Minerals.

one a day multivitamin

One A Day Multivitamin:

A very low quantity of vitamins is needed for the health.So, it is very difficult to show up the vitamin in normal weights. Therefore, it has been decided in the International Science Conference that, they will be show in the milligram, micro gram or in International Unit (IU).

Daily Vitamin intake Chart:

Vitamin A:

In human, the requirement of vitamin A specified by their age, weight and height. This quantity determined by following chart.

GenderAgeWeight (Kg)Height (cm)Vitamin A (I.U)
ChildrenLess than 1 year81500
1 – 3 years13872000
3 – 6 years181072500
6 – 9 years241243500
Boys/Girls9 – 12 years331404500
12 – 18 years45 – 61163 – 1655000
Adult Male/FemaleAbove than 18 years60 – 70163 – 1755000
Pregnant Woman+1000
Breastfeeding Woman+3000

Vitamin D:

Those countries where sun light can be easily gain and sun shine all year, there vitamin D deficiency does not be produced. However for children, elders and women the following amount has fixed of vitamin D.

Children400 I.U (10 Micrograms)
Adult400 I.U (10 Micrograms)
Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women400 to 500 I.U (10 – 12 Micrograms)

Vitamin K:

This vitamins usually 1 miligram required for adults, However breastfeeding women 1 to 2 miligram needed this vitamin. Because newborn baby has the deficiency of vitamin K and they complete this requirement from mother’s milk.

Vitamin E:

Although, the correct required amount of vitamin E cannot be estimated. But according to age from 5 mg 30 mg daily can be take of vitamin E. Pregnant women or those who have the risk of miscarriage can take daily 20 to 30 mg vitamin E.
In the babies for per kg weight, Daily 0.5 mg/ half miligram vitamin E is recommended.


In today’s world, you can buy any thing from the market. Vitamins are also available in the case of tablets which is made by a synthetic way. One a day multivitamin is a complete source of gaining all vitamins which is contained with nutrients of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K and water soluble vitamins C,B-Complex, Riboflavin, Thiamin, and Niacin.

Also formulated to improve heart health, blood pressure, immune system, muscle function, and physical energy by helping convert food to fuel. Besides of this, the women’s bone health, immune health, skin health, heart health and physical energy.

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