Lemon Water For Weight Loss And Flat Belly

If you want to have a flat belly, Then drink some lemon water for weight loss with the routine of exercise and a balanced diet. Which may help to reduce body fats.

Lemon juice for weight loss:

Juice of lemon helps for the internal cleaning of the body. However, the body does not suffer from dehydration and it also makes a better digestive system.

Best time for lemon water:

One glass of lemon water first of all early in the morning, One glass with adding a pinch salt at the time of exercise, while one glass at noon and half an hour before dinner.

How to make lemon water:

Take a lemon and a glass of water, heat the water then squeeze the lemon and add it’s juice into the water and shake well with a spoon.

Honey lemon water:

Take a cup of hot water and one lemon with one teaspoon of honey, add the juice of a lemon into water and also add honey in this mixture then shake well with spoon. Take this drink early in the morning.

Lemon Water For Weight Loss:

Honey also helps to lose the bodyweight like lemon. Drinking honey early in the morning increases the energy of the body and it’s kept active all day. How much will be physically active the body weight will be reduced with that speed. Honey and lemon contained Electrolyte, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium which fresh up the body and fill lack of the water.

Lemon and cinnamon water:

Cinnamon controls the harmful cholesterol while the benefits of lemon are listed above. To make this drink take a glass of water, one lemon and a teaspoon powder of the cinnamon. Soak this powder all night in the water. In the morning boil it until remains half. Then make it cold and filter its water, add the lemon juice and take it.

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