Smoking :

quit smoking
  • Warn every one about the harmful effect of smoking.
  • Do not ever order the children to buy tobacco or cigarette and nether say them to ready a hookah because they can be addict in this way.
  • Most importantly, always avoid to sitting in the company there are more uses of smoking and hookah.
  • Make a determination and force intend to give up the habit of smoking.
  • Through the radio, television and news paper run a fulfilled campaign against the smoking. Read more…


HIV Virus

Aids is very dangerous and deadly infirmity. First time in 1981 it was found out. Since then it is mostly spread so far in the Europe, North and South America, Africa and now also spread in Asia. But now may be any country safe from this infirmity. These virus enter into the cells which is involved in the defense system of human body. Specially they enter into the helper “T” cells and destroy them completely. While these cells are the important part of human defense system, So because of destroying them the human defense system completely lost. Read more…