How Much Zinc Is Too Much For Health

Daily almost 10 to 15 mg zinc is contained in diet. Meat, Lentils with peel and many commodities are also contained with zinc. There is very low quantity of the zinc in fruits and leafy vegetables. However, to keep up the health and to perform important tasks every day the very low amount of zinc is required. It’s produce the Hormones, body Progress and maintenance.

How Much Zinc Is Too Much:

GenderAgeMg/Per day
Children1-5 month3
6-12 month5
1-10 years10
MenMore than 11 years15
WomenMore then 11 years15

IMportance of Zinc:

The more part of dietary zinc extract by the waste. In blood the quantity of zinc is 800 to 1000 micro gram per liter. Zinc in the blood circulate combine with Albumin. It’s deficiency produces rarely. In which area found the deficiency of zinc, there’s children height does not grow properly and sexual glands also do not grow properly. Children also suffer from anemia to some extent. This disease can be cured by giving children the proper amount of Zinc Sulphate.

how much zinc is too much

Zinc Benefits:

Zinc actually found in the body tissue and it is very necessary for healthy cell division. It is work as antioxidant, it defenses from the free radical loss and slows down the aging process. Zinc has a great effect on the hormones. Therefore, even very low deficiency of zinc may cause of risk for infertility and diabetes.

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