Home remedies for dark spots and natural skin care

Face skin is very sensitive. If the dark spots have appeared on face then, it is very difficult to get rid of from them. That’s why specially women should take good care of their skin. So that you can save from these notorious dark spots. Fresh milk considered as a best to keep clean the face skin, because fresh milk removes the dark spots and keeps it neat and clean. You often notice that there are so many women whose faces look non gorgeous and dull. The reason for this is non providing a balanced diet to the body. For that reason, the beauty declines and charming gets disappeared. Here are some home remedies for dark spots which can help to remove these from your face and skin.

home remedies for dark spot

Lets know the tips which can help to take back skin beauty and charming of face. First of all women should be make a routine to use vegetables and fruits in their diet. So that their skin also will be happy happy with their face.

Benefits of lemon on face:

Besides of this, for the skin care, Take two tea spoons of lemon juice and add one tea spoon of glycerin in it, add same amount of water and apply this mixture on the dark spots 2 to 3 times a day. Face skin will be very beautiful and complete neat & clean.

home remedies for dark spot

Treatment for dark spots:

Pimples and acne leaves the spot on skin which make your face ungraceful. There are many treatments such as laser and surgery which considered useful to remove dark spots on face. There are also hundreds of medicines that gives assertion of good results but these are neither affordable for every one and nor suitable for every skin. Then why take a risk?
A kitchen has many substances which can help to get rid of from dark spots appears due to acne.

Home remedies for dark spots:

Take some powder of orange peels, powder of lemon peels, yogurt and honey. Mix well all these ingredients and apply on the face. Leave it from 15 to 20 minutes and wash your face with light hot water and rub with ice on face. It will get off the pores and skin also will be soft and smooth with removing dark spots.

Mint leaves for dark spots on face:

Mint has contained with amazing ingredients which can remove the dark spots from face and skin. Grind the leaves of mint and make it paste. Apply this paste on face skin and leave to become dry. After getting this dry wash the face with light hot water and use a good moisturizer on skin.

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