Healthy fats in food and interesting effects

Healthy Fats In Food:

Fats are important part of the food. This is also a mixture of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These are produce the heat twice time in the body rather than carbohydrates. Fats converts from Gallbladder’s moisture and Pancreatic juice to Glycerol. Which helps to digest the food and absorb in the body. Fats contained with the glycerol and fatty acid. These are repair the Fat and Fatty tissues of the body. The work or exercise how much will be tuff the healthy fats in food also will be required in same amount. Besides of this the weather how much will be cold the quantity of fats will be needed in the same much amount. Fats stay for a long time in the stomach and absorb after a long period. For that reason the hunger reduces. The slab of mouth and potions of stomach do not impacted on the fats.

healthy fats in food

The sources of gaining healthy fats in food :

Animal Sources:

This is gain from the Meat, Butter, Clarified butter, Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Eges, Fish, and Fats of the animals. From These the fish oil and butter are the more useful and able to digest. Fish oil is the largest source of vitamin (A, D, E).

Vegetables sources:

This Fat is found in the every types of vegetable oil. For example Mustard, Olive, Coconut, Cotton Seed, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Soybean, Peanut, Almond, Pistachio, Pine, Walnut, Corn, Vegetation oil etc.

Benefits of Fats :

1 . Fats produce the double heat rather than carbohydrate food.
2 . When fats enter in to the body then it’s burn with the oxygen, carbon and hydrogen and heat produces. 3 . It saves the joints from friction.
4 . Fat produces the power in to the body.
5 . It’s help to eliminate the wastes.
6 . Fats protect the bones, joints and muscles.
7 . Saves the body form hot and sold, Because a layer of fat become under the skin. 8 . Fat saves from the constipation.
9 . Vitamin A, D and E are provided to the body because of fats.
10 . Fat repairs the died tissues and build up the new tissues.
11 . It’s help to digest the other foods besides of it.
12 . The foods are very delicious and tasty which are cooked in the fats.
13 . Because of fats body become Powerful, Clear cut and beautiful.
14 . At the time of need the healthy fats in food work for the body, Therefore when quantity of carbohydrate or Glycogen is reduce from the body, fat works.

healthy fats in food

Impacts of deficiency:

1 . Body growth affected because of this.
2 . Force, power and heat and energy reduced from the body.
3 . Constipation takes place.
4 . The Digestive system badly effected because the lake of fats.
5 . Bones, muscles and joints are not properly protected.
6 . A person does not able to conflict with the weather.
7 . Body becomes lean and weak.
8 . It’s stop the construction of new cells and tissues and died tissues do not
be repair.
9 . Restrictions are create in the way to out of poor substances.
10 . Body performance gets affected.

A Mature and healthy person needed 100 g to 150 g fat daily. Heart diseases increased because of much using the fat. Because the cholesterol level increased in the blood with the use of fat, For that reason the tide of fat goes up in the veins of blood and blood pressure gets increased.

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