Health definition and signs of healthy person

 health definition

Health Definition

Health mean a healthy body and safe
condition of the body. It’s provide us the
‘Strenthening’ to face the daily activities
of our life. It is real wealth and real
health definition . Healthy persons and
families are the capital of a nation. An
article is “Life is for Living” which mean
we can’t imagine to live a complete life
without health. Rather the happiness and
shines of life can also be spoiled without
it. In fact if body and brain both are in a
good condition that is called ‘Health’ and
that is complete health definition. Human
body is a collection of the countless
organs. And each part is running for its
specific work.” The smooth functioning of
each organism in accordance with its
specified tasks is very important for a

health definition

Symbols of a healthy person: 

1: A healthy person looks fully active by physically and mentally.

2: He spend a pleasant, successful and happy life.

3: He get rid of by all types of diseases and body problems.

4: He is free from every type of mental troubles and worries.

5: He keeps up the healthy habits and good reputation.

6: All the physical systems work very well and their performance also be very well.

7: He has the ability to work for a long time with out any fatigue and with out getting tired.

8: He enjoys the peaceful and complete sleep and live a long life.

9: He has the more self defense force, confidence, tolerance, perseverance and strengthen in their body.

10: Healthy person keeps the positive sense, cunstructive thinking, and good ideas in their mind.

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