Health Benefits Of Green Tea And its Use

Let’s know about the benefits of taking ‘Green Tea’.

Green tea is a usual drink, rather it is popular worldwide.

It can be the best decision to use this hot drink filled up with warming


It is also maybe the best decision to drink it.

Do you know about the health benefits of green tea?

(From cancer to for the acne) use of this will make you surprised.

Health benefits of green tea

Decrease The Fats of Body:

If you are worry due to increasing the weight of the body and big belly than the

good news is, with the use of this hot drink and ‘Exercise’ you can successfully

reduce your 36% fats of belly.

Some experts are saying if this drink has use for eight weeks so it can help

to reduce the 5-kilogram weight from the body.

Save From Wrinkles:

Antioxidants in green tea helps to reduce the effects of aging.

Dip one tissue paper in it put on face.

If there is swelling under the eye part of face, so put the wet tea bags there

it might be helpful.

Weight Loss During Sleep:

Green tea reduces the fats of belly, But for the weight loss you need to take

its two cups before two hours of going to sleep.

This routine will make possible to lose weight during sleep.

Health benefits of green tea

Save From Paralysis:

According to research in Japan, Use of this drink decreases the 20 % risk of

paralysis. By drinking the four cups of green tea daily it decreases the 20 %

risk to paralysis. While the more it will be used the risk will be reduced.

Save From Pimples and Acne:

Green Tea has the ‘Antioxidants nutrients in it which clean the two-third part of

pimples and acne.

However, It will be used as a face wash on the face after making it cool instead

of drinking.

If it will be used for the oily skin than the mint tea would also get mixed

with green tea for this task.

Improve the memory system:

Daily use of it improves the performance of brain parts which are working for

gaining information and analyzing.

According to research, it has some nutrients in it which increase the focus

level and concentration.

Whereas the Caffeine quantity is very low in it, So the nerve strain risk also be very less.

Health Benefits Of Green Tea for Heart:

Green tea has much quantity of Flanneloids and antioxidants which reduce the

effects of spoiled cholesterol, prevent the blood vessels and improve the

functions of arteries.

Similarly, it reduces cholesterol and blockage in the arteries.

People who are using it daily one to two cups, The danger of shrinking the

arteries get reduce up to 45 % from them.

Health benefits of green tea

Make Strong To The Nails:

If the Nail problems take place, Then make it’s a routine to dip them into a

syrup of green tea once in a week. This routine helps to make strong, shiny and

colorful nails.

Protect From Cancer:

In research, some positive results are showed about saving from cancer with

green tea.

According to researchers a nutrient in green tea which name is ‘Polyphenols’

proved helpful to destroy the cells of cancer and stop its growth.

Another research has shown that after the treatment the possibilities of again

breast cancer gets reduce with the use of green tea.

It’s also developed for up to 30% reducing the risk of lung cancer.

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