Gellen Nail Polish Best For Women

Many of the nail polishes are used to decorate the nails and increase their beauty. Here we know about the Gellen Gel Nail Polish starter kit. It can purchase from Amazon and it’s priced between $70 – $80. This kit is one of the best from many others especially for those women who have no time to go to the nail salon. Gellen nail polish kit comes with 2 package boxes having a lot of things for nail’s beauty. Here is a list of these that are contained in this kit.

Gellen nail polish

Gellen Nail Polish Kit Accessories:

  • 12 normal size nail polish bottles included a base coat, topcoat, and matte topcoat also with 9 different colors.
  • A cuticle softner & cuticle oil.
  • One pair of nail nippers.
  • It also has a cuticle nail pusher made with stainless steel.
  • Two different nail files.
  • Two toe spreaders.
  • You also get a nail brush with this.
  • Some gel polish remover wipes.
  • Glitter colors to sparkles the nail with a nail art pen.
  • Also included the little tip guides that are very helpful.
  • Some nail art tap which helps to make cool designs.
  • It also included a 48 watt UV LED nail Lamp and it has an impressive size.

Embellishment and good looking are more common in women than men, and the purpose of makeup is the beauty of face, hands, hair, etc. It is also used to look pretty and stylish. every woman wants to look adorable, but she has to spend a lot of money on makeup by a beautician or a person whose job is to do hairstyling, manicures, and other beauty treatments. Some women keep makeup equipment along with them. Like Lipstick, Face base, Nail Polish, etc. These things are helpful to makeup at home and also save the expenses of beauticians.


Make-up is also an art and it is about four moons of human beauty. In addition, makeup is also essential for beauty. It is the right of everyone to adore, adorn and look beautiful. Every girl and woman wants to look unique and uses different ways to make herself beautiful. It also pays special attention to making and trimming themself.

Nails Beauty and Use of Nail Polish:

Beautifully trimmed nails and the use of colorful nail polish to suit the dress are an essential part of women’s make-up and preparation. Nowadays, the trend of making nails attractive and good looking is growing rapidly in women. Each day with the changing fashion the make-up style also changes significantly. There are also changes in the nail decoration and the style of the coloration. Because of this, nowadays, girls are more aware of making nails attractive and beautiful.

Gellen nail polish

Your nails not only make hands beautiful it also changes your body language. Not only do you have to wait for a wedding or event to create nail art, but you can also create different designs on your nails to look unique to others. Nail art does not require the long nails, rather it will also beautifully decorate the women’s short nails. You too can make your nails beautiful through nail art. The impression not only for the nails. Rather it will also be reflected in your beauty and overall personality.

How to apply Gellen Nail Polish:

  1. Remove the cuticle, trim the edge, polish your nails and make sure they are dry and clean.
  2. Apply base coat – cure with LED or UV lamp. (UV lamp for 1 min, LED lamp for 30 secs) It is normal for a base coat to keep stick after curing-
  3. Apply 1st thin coat of polish – cure. (UV lamp for 2 mins, LED lamp for 30-60 secs)
  4. Apply 2nd thin coat of polish – cure. (UV lamp for 2 mins, LED lamp for 30-60 secs)
  5. Apply 3rd coat if necessary.
  6. Apply top coat – cure. (UV lamp for 2 mins, LED lamp for 30-60 secs)
  7. Wipe nails with rubbing alcohol to remove residue.

Applying every thin coat is the key, make sure the brush doesn’t have too much on it before starting the strokes.

Way To Remove:

Take a soaked cotton pad with acetone. Wrap around each nail with tin foil leave for approx 10 minutes then check if ready. If not, leave a few minutes more.
Use an orange stick or a cuticle pusher to remove softened gel.

  1. Remember to cap the nail edge when we apply the color gel.
  2. Remove the cuticle, trim the edge, polish your nails and make sure they are dry and clean.
  3. We can not have the polish attached to skin or cuticle otherwise it will be easy to peel off.
  4. Do not apply an overmuch base coat or topcoat and, the thinner, the better, or it will get the gel shrunk and peeled off.
  • Please check the wattage of your lamp.
  • Basecoat cured for 30 secs.
  • Gel polish each coat – 60 secs.
  • Top coat – 60 secs.
  • Wipe with alcohol cotton ball.

Here are some more relevant Gellen nail polish, those are low cost and beautiful colored. You can buy it here and decorate your nails also give them an adorable look.

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