Top 20 Side Effect of Smoking

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Nicotine patch side effects :

Nicotine is an extremely deadly poison.

There are tow types of poison in the leafs of ‘Tobacco’.

One is the ‘Nicotine’ and second is the ‘Albuminius’.

Tobacco leafs have no nutrition.

It is mostly found in South America, France, England, India, and Pakistan.

Leafs of tobacco whether use for ‘Smoking’ or use for chewing or use for

nicotine mixed water, they are considered dangerous and harmful for health.

The ‘Poison of Nicotine’ enter into the body due to smoking.

It’s easily absorbed in the soft membrane of skin and organs.

If it’s more quantity entered into the body, then death also will be occurs.

The people of China were drink the water of ‘Hookah’ (which was mixed with
nicotine) for suicide.

If one drop of pure nicotine put on the skin of Rabbit or Mouse after removing

their body’s hairs then, They come in a motionless condition and some times

they get died.

The people (who are addicted of smoking) think that, The use of cigarette gives

them a temporary freedom from worries and tiredness etc. And helps for food


However, The reality is opposite of this.

There is not any goodness in the tobacco which is able to define.

Smoking Habits In The People :

Regardless of this, Smoking has made an international trend. And people are

already  know the damages and poisonous effects of this, Even then they smoke

the cigarette with great pleasure and proudly.

Smoking is considered as a status symbol.

Modern research has proved it, Due to frequently smoking it’s produced the

diseases of Throat and Breathing, Heart diseases, Teeth and Gums diseases and

Lungs cancer etc.

Apart of this, The dangerous and poisonous effects of nicotine are transferred

in the baby from smoker mother more than the smoker father.

20 Effect Of  Smoking :

1: Bad smell comes from mouth and other people dislike them.

2: Dental and gums diseases takes place. Teeth become yellow and gums become


3: The eyesight becomes weak.

4: Hunger gets reduce and constipation takes place.

5: Meal does not to digest fastly.

6: It’s often create the acidity in stomach which is harmful.

7: It seems the breathlessness after a little bit hard work and running.

8: Heartbeat becomes faster and blood pressure get increases.

9: Smoking is the cause of injury and inflammation in the lining membrane of

nose, throat, groove of breathing and lungs and it is one of the bad effect of smoking.

10: Pulse speed becomes faster.

11: Human immunity gets decrease.

12: The inner curtain of eye gets shrink.

13: Coughing remains continuously.

14: Nicotine badly effected to the ‘Nervous system’.

15: Sleeping gets reduce and person becomes the victim of ‘Insomnia’.

16: Often headaches occur and gas problem takes place in the stomach.

17: Smoking increases the causes of Heart attack.

18: Effect of smoking produces the Heart diseases. Apart of this Asthma, T.B, and other

diseases of throat and breathing takes place.

19: Irritation creates in the mood.

20 : Smoking produce the Heart, Throat and lungs cancer.

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