Definition Of Growth And Development Of Child

What we were in the childhood? and what are now? How were our Parents, Teachers, Guardian, (At the level of house and government) or what type of personality all they had? One becomes a scientist and one becomes a good singer. One becomes a criminal and one became a killer. Definition of growth and development can be describe by the ability of body and brain of a child or person. Some times it is also happens that the children who grew up and rised in one house, become different character holder in their future life. How produced or spoiled character and personality, these have several reasons and factors.Which considered as important factors to make the character of a person. For example, To know about the mental ability of a child, first important to know about their body’s health.

Definition of Growth and development:

Body development is particular type change which occurs overall at a time. These changes take place with the changes of society . If any time these changes temporary produced in a child behavior or become random then these will not be counted in human development.


Growth mean, when a human uses a diet it’s become a part of body and it will increase their height, weight, width till a specific age. During this constant change the destruction of old cells and construction of new cells take place. Due to this growth and construction a child become eligible to face the incidences and experiments of life.
It can also say about growth, that promotion of child growth can be know by measure up their body.

Definition of Growth and development


Development means those changes which increase the ability of doing tasks. These changes are not included in the shape, figure and body structure. While these are also responsible for changing in the body tasks. For example, when bones and muscles become strong then a baby will start crawling. When they become more strong, then he starts standing up. Then with time spending, the body becomes strong and also comes the power for walking and to run away. Therefore, development are the changes of physical functions according to body structure and construction.

As experts see this change in development, this can be divided in 3 specific parts.

  1. Development takes place in a particular sequence, it means any change does not produce suddenly or coincidentally.
  2. It’s appear after constant changes in behavior.
  3. In the result of constant changes, such processes take place which brings maturity.

Words of growth and development generally use together. Infect these are two words which have different meanings. Growth shows up the ‘Quantitative’ change, in which measure the body growth or promotion. e.g heart, kidneys, bones, brain and other body parts grows up. As a result, the ability to learn, to understand, to remember and curiosity increases in a child or person. In this way a child grows mentally and physically.

Child growth and development:

The variation in growth and development means to realize about your self or gaining genetics power. ‘Maslow‘ explained in this way that ” It is a process from power to action and should be struggling this way, Which is good physically and mentally. Beside of this, how much mental ability a human has, he wants to use this all.” Opportunities are important to provide for molding any act according to environment. But if human in any society and environment does not get their aim, then he has to face different problems and disruptions. Now it is depend on the abilities of the child/person that how he faced those problems.

Definition of Growth and development

For example, such environment there are no facilities of health and education then he does strive to get them. In other way, it also can be that he has the abilities but due to scare and fear he could not implement on them. With this concept, that he’ll be target of criticism. For example if child interested in becoming an artist but the family members did not give him a chance or discouraged him, then slowly slowly their ability will be exhausted.

Child React During Changes:

In general a child accept all changes happily, because he gets the awareness that after growing up he will hold the authorities. During any process the reaction of child will be good or not? this behavior depends on many factors. Following are some factors of such type.

  1. When child comes to the age of being autocratic, then he tries his maximum to do every work by him self and take minimum help from others. During this if elder will take care of that and keep child along them in different hobbies. So, the desire increases for doing and learning the desire increases for doing and learning himself.
  2. Social changes are also bring the change in children. For Example, If the child meets the parents’ expectations then he receives acclaiming. While if he did such act which is not suitable for his age before others. Then said, he is not acting according to his age. Social behaviors also impact, when appearance changes are happening. For example when initial teeth started falling, then every watching person say something. Similarly, if there is a change in the voice of boys, then elders feel it strange and due to this behavior of them, child become the victim of Inferiority or Superiority.
  3. During apparent changes the cultural behaviors also impact on child. An observations revealed that, people love more to very small babies rather than older child. Some time due to these apparent changes, the friendships over between similar agers. And that’s why because, they do not receive the positive behavior before maturity.

Factors of growth and development of child:

Child takes many abilities in Heritage from their parents and grandparents. But after coming into world he also impressed by environment. The environment in which child is put, he will become same as that. However, that is good or bad. According to this theory, whether a child is born in any house his environment is responsible for make him spoil or good.

Here is the further explanation of this theory.

  • Well relations between each other in the children are very helpful to highlight their capabilities.
  • Emotional comfort of child which gets from the relationships of parents and siblings, that is very important for brightening their personality. if he does not find that satisfaction, then there is a gap in his life or personality. If parents adopt a democratic behavior, for example they gave him freedom to do work as his own desire and restrict him only at the appropriate time. Then such children become a better part of the society.
  • It has been seen that, usually more expectation keep from the elder child of the family. And bring him up in those manner. Therefore, he plays the role of responsibility from their childhood but in future life he also considered himself as elder at every place. In the life, this manner is beneficial to some extent but sometimes becomes harmful too.


Every child born with a lot of abilities and powers at the time of birth. After birth first of all he gets the environment of house. In this environment baby learn the language of parents, their accent, religious, emotional impact, delectation, attitudes and likes, dress and takes many other attributes. If positive environment provided him to highlight their abilities and powers, then it is beneficial for him. But if he gets the negative environment then these abilities will be destroy.

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