Cheap Drinks With Full of Health Benefits

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Cheap Drinks Easily Made At Home:

Drinks which are made with fruits and vegetables or the juices prepared with these natural substances are fulfilled with nutrition and energy.Therefore, cheap drinks like Natural Juices, Squash and lemonade increase the digestions and hunger. While the cold drinks have only contained with water, sugar, caffeine and gas. Besides of this, all these have no nutrition or digest able ingredient. Rather these are negatively effect the stomach. The gas stored inside the body and hunger gets reduced.

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The juice of fruits is contained with the glucose which is easily digest and absorbs into the body and provide the heat and energy. Besides of this, minerals and vitamins are also contained in fruit’s juices.

Recipes and health benefits:

Juice of Sugarcane:

It has a special importance in all drinks because it’s cheaper rather than other drinks. Glucose also contained in it. It’s drink after cooling with the ice and mix some salt. Besides of this, people are also use with juice of lemon,orange or milk after mixing in it. This is very beneficial for the heat patients and specially for hepatitis patients. A comfort and freshness produced after drinking this. Urine comes very often with this and also purify the blood.

Carrot Juice:

This is also a cheap drink. The juice of carrot gets like orange and Sweet lemon through the juicer blender and drinks after mixing with ice and salt. This juice keeps away the heatness and produce the blood in to the body. It’s also useful for liver,stomach,intestines and eyes. It stops the hairfall and helps in the digestive system.

Well Drinks:

Orange sqaush:

Today In this modern trend, the squash is much popular and liked rather then other drinks. It is usually a solution with the juice of tangerine and orange. Gives the pleasure. Orange contained with the vitamin C. Which saves the teeth and gums from diseases and makes them strong.

Mango squash:

This squash is a solution with the juice of mango. It is very powerful summer drink. It gives the energy and pleasure to the body.

Lemon squash:

This is also a solution with the juice of lemon. Besides of this, It is also very beneficial for teeth and gums and helps in the digestive system.


This is the solution of liquid sugar and juice of fresh lemons. It’s quench the thirst in summer season specially in the weather of rain. Lemonade drank with mixing ice in it. Vitamin C also in it . Which grows the bones and teeth and makes them strong. It’s produces the blood and helps in digestion. It’s produce the immunity against flu and catarrh. Now-a-days many types of drinks are use with squeeze the lemon juice.

Milk Shake:

It’s make with Milk and sugar mixed with the fruits like Mango,Apple or Banana etc after shaking well through the juicer machine and add some ice in it. It has a special importance in modern drinks. Therefore, this is full of energy and gives the comfort to the temperament.

Cheap Drinks Made With Fruits:

cheap drinks

Pomegranate drink:

This drink is prepared with the juice of pomegranate. After take a look at the colorful pomegranate, A feeling produces of freshness and satisfaction. Besides of this, it’s also compare with water of life. It’s give the freshness and comfort after drink it.

Black carrot juice:

This is a digestion able drink. Which is made with adding black carrot and mustard seeds in the water. Both them keep in the big jars of glass from two to three days. Due to sourness of mustard the yeast of carrot prepared and makes colorful all the water. Then it drinks with adding some salt. It is also drink with adding the black pepper and black salt. It’s produces the blood and provide comfort and energy to heart. Minerals of carrot, steel and vitamin C is also contained in it. The body growth makes better with this and diet easily absorbs in the body after digestion.

Almond drink:

This drink is a solution with the almond nuts. The use of it also quench the thirst and provide the strength to heart and brain. Besides of this, it is very useful for those who have to work mentally and physically. It’s increase the body power and memory power.

Apple drinks:

This is an extreme admirable drink. It is made with the apple pulp. It is very energy full syrup. Which gives the strength to heart, brain, stomach and liver. Increases the hunger. Besides of this, It’s produce the comfort, freshness and alertness on the temperament of body. Therefore, the use of this always keeps a person in to happiness. It is also produces the blood.

Sandalwood Cheap Drinks:

It is also a special Drink. The charming fragrance of sandalwood is contained in it. It’s provide the satisfaction in thrust. Keeps away the heat of summer and hotness. Provide the energy to heart and brain and comfort enhance for the temperament. It is also purify the blood.

Jujube Juice:

This is made with the red colored fruit called jujube. Which is uses as home medicine. These cheap drinks are very beneficial for diseases like cough, flu, influenza headache, bad blood, smallpox and varicella etc. It is also purify the blood.

Grewia Asiatica Juice:

This is very cheap and heat against drink. It’s also gives the comfort and freshness to the temperament. Grewia juice is generally use in the season of summer. To made this admirable juice take some quantity of grewia and blend it with adding some water and sugar in the juicer blender. After that separate the liquid juice with the help of sieve. It gives a beautiful color and drinks with adding some ice in it.

Tamarind Plum Juice:

This juice is also very beneficial drink for the heat of liver and saves the human body from hotness of summer. It’s increase the hunger and gives freshness and comfort. The recipe of this drink is different. First of all need to prepared a syrup mixer of the tamarind and dry plum. Take some water and bake it about 15 to 20 minutes with adding the proper quantity of tamarind, plum and sugar. After baking separate the liquid syrup in a jar or bottle with the help of sieve. It should be keep at low temparature. It drinks with adding tea spoons as needed of this syrup in the glass of water with ice and shake well with the help of spoon. Tamarind Plum’s syrup can be stores 7 to 10 days only and drinks at the time to want it.

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It is very important part of our diet. From childhood to older milk is very beneficial for body of human. It’s drink warm or cold with mixing some sugar or without sugar. Some times also make the Soda milk with adding some soda water in it.Therefore, it drinks evenly in season of summer and winter. Besides of this, Some people drink it with adding syrup in it. The use of milk keeps right the growth of teeth and bones. It’s also produces the power, energy and strength into the body. In winter it drinks with adding an unbaked ege in it and gain much heat which saves from cold.


These cheap drinks are generally use in the villages. In the summer season it is one of the most favorite drink of the villagers. Yogurt makes with adding some sourness in the milk and blended the yogurt with adding some water, then it becomes the Lassi. It drinks with adding some salt or sugar. It’s contained with the sweetness of Minerals, Protein, Fats,Carbohydrates and Milk. Lassi also has the acidity due to sourness. To reduce this sourness some salt and sugar added in it. However the fresh lassi has no more sourness. Besides of this, Lassi also made with adding the water with salt or sugar in to milk. That is called Milk Lassi or Thin Lassi. It is contained with the all nutritional ingredients of milk. However, due to adding more water their amount gets reduced. The people who drink lassi, Although if they work even in the sunlight but they will be save from the Sun Stroke.

Benefits of Drink Lassi:

  • It is digest able and provide the comfort and relaxation to temperament.
  • Produces alertness, speed, power and energy in the body.
  • Becomes the reason of live long.
  • It is contained with acidity which helps in digestion.
  • Contained with the all nutritional ingredients of milk that are useful for the growth of human body.
  • Saves from the Flu and Catarrh.
  • Due to drinking lassi its complete the requirement of minerals which is extract from the body. Besides of this, Also filled the lackness of water.
  • Urine extract frequently due to drinking it. For that reason the dirty and stagnant matter also extract from the body.
  • It is very beneficial for the heat patient.
  • In summer use of it saves from the Sun stroke.

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