Best drinks and useful recipes

The following are the best drinks:

Syrup has special importance in all the drinks. The syrup is a sweet liquid and a solution of the sugar, honey, fruit juice and saps. Many types of syrup are sold out in the market. On the contrary, that syrup, which can be ready at home are much useful and low cost. Therefore, the use of these also brings freshness and pleasure to the temperament. Juice bakes with mixing sugar after extracting from the different types of fruits, then it’s cooled up. The heart and brain get relaxed by using these.

Besides, These also have nutrition. Therefore, In the summer season, the syrup considered a special blessing in summer best drinks. It provides cooling, pleasure, peace, and comfort to tired heart and brain from heat intensity and sun temperature. Syrups are also made with the many types of herbs. These are used in both condition ‘Fitness and Illness’.

best drinks

Pomegranate drinks:

This syrup is prepared with the juice of pomegranate. After taking a look at the colorful pomegranate, A feeling produces of freshness and satisfaction. Besides this, it also compares with the water of life. It gives freshness and comfort after drink it.

Almond drinks:

This syrup is a solution with the almond nuts. The use of it also quench the thirst and provides strength to the heart and brain. Besides this, it is very useful for those who have to work mentally and physically. It increases body power and memory power.

Apple drinks:

This is an extremely admirable syrup. It is made with the apple pulp. It is a very energy full syrup. Which gives the strength to the heart, brain, stomach, and liver. Increases the hunger. Besides this, It produces comfort, freshness, and alertness on the temperament of the body. Therefore, the use of this always keeps a person into happiness. It also produces blood.

Sandalwood syrup:

It is also a special syrup. The charming fragrance of sandalwood is contained in it. It provides satisfaction in thrust. Keeps away the heat of summer and hotness. Provide the energy to heart and brain and comfort enhance for the temperament. It also purifies the blood.

Jujube syrup:

This is made with the red colored fruit called jujube. Which is uses as home medicine? This syrup is very beneficial for diseases like cough, flu, influenza headache, bad blood, smallpox, and varicella, etc. It also purifies the blood.

Rooh Afza :

This syrup is a solution with many types of fruits and flowers. It brings freshness to the temperament. It quenches the thirst and gives energy to the body. Therefore, the use of this heart and brain gets comfort, satisfaction and rest.

best drinks

Orange squash:

Today In this modern trend, the squash is much popular and liked rather than other drinks. It is usually a solution with the juice of tangerine and orange. Gives pleasure. Orange contained with vitamin C. This saves the teeth and gums from diseases and makes them strong.

Best drinks in squash:

Mango squash:

This squash is a solution with the juice of mango. It is a very powerful summer drink. It gives the energy and pleasure to the body.

Lemon squash:

This is also a solution with the juice of a lemon. Besides of this, It is also very beneficial for teeth and gums and helps in the digestive system.

best drinks


This is the soluble of liquid sugar and juice of fresh lemons. It quenches the thirst in the summer season especially in the weather of rain. Lemonade drank with mixing ice in it. Vitamin C also in it. Which grows the bones and teeth and makes them strong. It produces blood and helps indigestion. It produces immunity against the flu and catarrh. Nowadays many types of syrups are drunk with squeezing the lemon juice.

Soda water:

These are the market type drinks that are available at the stores of the market usually in bottles or boxes. Soda water made with the water, carbolic acid gas and juice of fruits. The low quantity of carbolic acid gas positively affects the stomach. The drinks contained with the juice of fruits are very beneficial for health. Besides of this, That best drinks bring the feeling of activeness, freshness, and pleasure on the temperament and quench the thirst.

The following are popular in soda water list:

Pepsi cola, Mirinda, Teem, 7 up, Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite, Rc cola, Spin cola,

Flora, Benz, Tops or Shezan, etc.

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