Benefits of Coffee And nutrients

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Often people start their day with a cup of coffee.

Demand of coffee increased in winter season.

It is very beneficial for our health.

It’s improve the systems of body and saves from the heart diseases.

Use of coffee also reduce the load from the temperament.

It’s keep away the headache.

According to a research the women who takes daily two cups of coffee, the

diabetes chances reduced from them.

It’s save us from the cancer of large intestine and asthma.

If anyone has the aliment of forgetfulness, then the coffee will be beneficial

for those.

It’s also keeps away the depression and reduces the tiredness.

Nutrients Of Coffee:

We gain ‘Coffee’ from a plant just like ‘Tea’. A powder is made after baking the seeds of it’s plant.

Which is called “Coffee” .

Like tea it’s also put in to the boiling water or milk.

Give it the steam for 10 minutes or 15 minutes and as needed the ‘Sugar’ and ‘Milk Cream’ also get
mixed with it.

And takes it hot like tea.

Rather than tea it has some normal ‘Nutrition’ in it.

It’s plant founds in Kenya, Brazil, Yaman, Sri Lanka, and Arab countries.

Benefits of coffee

Coffee has three ingredients in it: (Caffeine) (Tannin) (Oil).

1: Caffeine :

It is a ‘Chemical Substance’ which made stimulate Nerves.

Its effects also like ‘Tannin’.

Coffee is more dynamic due to ‘Caffeine’.

The ‘Chemical elements’ or ingredients are more dynamic rather than ‘Tea’.

It speed up the performance of ‘Kidneys’, for that’s why piss comes soon.

2: Tannin:

It is an other chemical substance which comes out due to boiling it for more time.

Coffee tannin is not harmful than tea.

3: Oil:

Like tea, a sweet smell oil is include in the coffee.

That’s give it a sweet smell and aroma.

Benefits of coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee:

1: It is dynamic for ‘Nerves’ and ‘Muscles’.

2: It is reduce the feeling of tiredness.

3: It is speed up the process of ‘Blood circulation’ and ‘Breathing’.

4: In winter season the benefits of coffee is, It’s provide the stability to movements of body.

5: In summer it’s convert the illness to sweat and keeps cool the body.

6: If its use with the milk and sugar then it’s provide the nutrition.

Benefits of coffee

Is coffee bad for you? Or damages of coffee:

Here are some reasons which are against the benefits of coffee.

1: Dryness produces in the body.

2: It’s reduce the hunger.

3: It Makes hard to ‘Protein’ and it does not absorb rapidly.

4: It’s damage the ‘Stomach’ and ‘Intestines’.

5: It’s harmful for Heart, Digestive system, and Nerves and creates indigestion.

6: It’s speed up the breathtaking.

7: Due to using it more makes the cause of constipation.

8: You does not sleep due to use of this.

If it is became a habit to take more coffee, than it will not leave so easily.

Coffee is not less than a magical drink for those who want to be fully active early in the morning.

One cup of coffee keeps you stay arised for a long time due to caffeine in it.

Often people become a coffee addicted due to caffeine in it.

The people who do not take coffee daily their body can not sufferance the coffee such like those who

take it daily.

How Much coffee we should take in a day?

The people who do not feel any side effect of caffeine on their self, They can have up to three cups

of coffee per day.

But the best thing is we should not take more than two cups of coffee in a day.

Every single cup of coffee has a 95 to 100 mg caffeine in it.

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