Basic first aid | Characteristics of the first aider

In the struggle of the life or play ground, Often gets the injury due to accident and falling. In these accidental conditions, before shifting the injured person to hospital which resources are used. This is called basic first aid.

Definitions of basic first aid :

1 . First aid mean health treatment discount or help which is provide to the victim person of accident in the accidental or emergency condition.
2 . besides of this, it is also mean that treatment which is obtained during the time of waiting and arriving of the doctor.
3 . This is the name of quick and temporary preservation which is gave in the case of sudden illness or any occurrence to the victim.

basic first aid

This aid is based on the basic principles of medical and surgical. We are constantly hear and read the news of lose the pricious lifes. The people who has the relation with this knowledge can provide the help very celeverly and wisely on the incident of accidents and unexpected occurrences. So that, till arriving the doctor or shifting patient to the hospital life retains and the effects of injury do not get increased or spread. Therefore, In current scientific period the gaining of basic first aid knowledge is very important for everybody. That’s why because following this process many invaluable lifes can be save or stop the wounds and injuries to increasing or spreading. Besides of this, the injuries can also be recovered soon in this way.

Basic first aid tips :

A single moment is necessary to save a life. Therefore, without panic and wasting time immediately aid should be provided to the injured person. This task should be do very rapidly but wisely and cleverly and manage for transmit to hospital. If there is bleeding from the body of patient or the person who is injured Than first all try to stop the bleeding. If bone has broken, then prevent it from moving and be carefully support the wounded part of patient’s body in the rest position, while he is lying. Besides of this, in the situation of breathing stops than try to release the breath with ways of artificial respiratory.

First aid purpose is not at all that, The aider took place of a doctor and nor it mean is, after this aid neglect the preservation of authorized doctor. Responsibilities completed of the first aider when aid has obtained and aider describe to the doctor his performance report.

A good and wise first aider should has these qualities in their self. Because the person who is provide the aid, He is due of mercy for injured/patient.

basic first aid

Characteristics of first aider :

1 . He should be prompt and hurry also he has to reach promptly at the place of incident and purvey aid to the patient without wasting time.
2 . That is satisfied and owner of discipline. Keeps the peaceful temperament and know to control and manage their self. Because if he/she becomes afraid or upset by their self than how will be saves the life of patient?
3 . He/she should be intelligent and wise, so that looking forward at the situation of worried, he can give a quick and necessary suggestion of treatment before all appraisal.

Basic first aid

Besides of this:

4 . Has the good complacence, cheerful and kind hearted. He/she can give the solace to patient and he should use soft voice and encouraging type words
to keep away the sorrows and discomfort of the patient. Patient should be provided rest how much can be possible. By sympathizing to patient reduce their worry and make him satisfied.
5 . He/She should be pre planned so that, can purvey relief on the spot to patient with instruments that are avail on the incident or can arrange that things which are necessary to rescue the patient.
6 . Be expert and tactful. He should understand the history of patient just looking at his symptoms. besides of this, he also Should be expert to
get the trust of patient. If there gets more crowd around the patient then move it very cleverly.
7 . Should be Skillful, handicraft and alert. He/She use apparatus with the method very cleverly that, the patient could not feel any inconvenience.
8 . Be confident and consistent. He should be fully trusted on him self and success of their struggles. In the beginning if he does not find the success in his struggles even then he should continue his efforts with perseverance.
9 . Should be punctual, tactful and dutiful. Sensation for the importance of time is required.
10 . Compassionate and has the passion of service.

Important things for basic first aid :

A) Air way should be remains open.
B) Breathing should be release.
C) Blood circulation should be continued.


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