Are Teeth Bones? | Stages Of Teething

There are two types of teeth, One is temporary and other the permanent. Let’s start with temporary teeth. These are smaller than the permanent teeth but they are similar in shape. The teething starts at the age of two years. The process of growing permanent teeth and take place of temporary teeth started at the age of sixth. Possible the wisdom teeth do not be produced at all or incomplete. Let’s see are teeth bones or not?

The number of teeth:

The number of temporary teeth is 20. 4 Incisors, 2 Canines and 4 Molars in both jaws. The number of permanent teeth is 32. 4 Incisors, 2 Canines, 4 Premolars and both jaws associated with 6 large molars. The last molar is called Muscle Molar. While it is also included in the other 6, not a separate molar. Premolars are smaller. Children do not have large molar.

The average duration of growing temporary teeth:

Central Incisors 6 to 8 month
Lateral Incisors 8 to 10 month
First Molar12 to 16 month
Canines16 to 20 month
Second Molars20 to 30 month

age of growing permanent teeth:

First Molars6 to 7 years
Central Incisors6 to 8 years
Lateral Incisors 7 to 9 years
Canines9 to 12 years
1st and 2nd Premolars 10 to 12 years
Second Molars11 to 13 years
Third Molars or Wisdom Tooth17 to 21 years

In permanent teeth, premolars grow first of all. These are first from three large molars, while third called wisdom tooth.

Are Teeth Bones:

A significant quantity of calcium used for the growth and structure of teeth and bones. In the body, Almost 66 % amount of calcium found in the bones. But the bones have different properties and structure rather than teeth. Bones provide a skeleton for all systems of the body, while the teeth use to chew the meal and make it easy to digest in the stomach. Bones protect the most important organs like Heart, Brain, Lungs and sensory organs. While the teeth show the beauty of your mouth.

are teeth bones

Structure Of Teeth:

  • Crown: This part looks with Gums in the mouth.
  • Root: This part is connected to Jaw pits.
  • Neck: This is a narrow part, which is on the connecting point of root and crown. It is covered with gums.
  • Enamel: The outer hard piece of crown, which is the hardest tissue of the body and almost 96% inorganic substance is contained in it.
  • Dentine: It is substance like elephant teeth. The biggest structure of the tooth made with this.
  • Cementum: It is hard like bone and also covers the tooth root from outside. It’s connected with enamel at the neck.
  • Pulp: This is soft connective tissue. In which Nerves, Arteries, Veins, and Lymphatic veins. It is in the central part of dentine.
  • Presidential Membrane: It is around the tooth root and lining in the pit of the tooth. This membrane keeps stable the tooth strongly in their pit and also lining on the bone.

Thorns, Laniaries and premolars each one has only one root. The upper first premolar has two roots while the other upper molars have three roots, Two to the cheek and one to the palate. Bottom molars have two roots, forth and back. There is a hole on the top of the root, which way the veins and nerves enter. This hole is called Apical Foramen.

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