Amla Powder Benefits For Hair And Remove Whiteness

White hair considered as a sign of old age. A person looks like older if white hair started growing on their head or skin. The relation of hair whiteness not only with eating diet rather this problem also takes place due to some diseases.Such as bad effects of ‘Typhoid‘ fever and eternally flu. Due to these type diseases often hair become white before the time. To keep retains the darkness of hair, body requires steel and proper amount of copper, zink, sulphur, iodine, keratin and melanin for hair strength.

Amla powder benefits for hair

Home remedies for white hair:

When hair start to become white then different types of hair colours used for stopping it. But some easy natural tips can also resolve this problem. Here is a simple way to get rid of from hair whiteness. Now-a-days there are many types of components in market which are used for make black to the white hair. But these are contained with harmful chemicals which not only impact your hair while also badly affect to the eye sight.

Always used that natural components for hair darkness which are more powerful than another artificial components and also completely safe.

Amla powder benefits for hair:

  1. It is very useful to remove hair whiteness.
  2. Amla is low cost and easily available in market.
  3. It is also said, that many of products for hair black are contained with amla, then why not use a natural amla.
  4. It has contained with high amount of vitamin C and melanin which makes black to hair naturally.
  5. Amla powder benefits for hair can take by using these ways. Add some quantity of amla powder in to the coconut oil and put this mixture on the stove. Bake it until oil starts boiling. Then take it off from stove and leave it for some time to become cold. It will ready to use. Apply this on hair and leave for 30 to 40 minutes. After that, wash your hair with cold water. This process can be repeat as needed.
  6. Take 4 table spoons amla powder, add 2 table spoons of water and 1 table spoon of lemon water. Mix well all these ingredients and make a paste. After that leave it for 1 hour then apply this on hair. After 20 to 25 minutes wash the hair with water.
Amla powder benefits for hair

Coffee hair dye:

Coffee is an other better and useful way to remove hair whiteness. It’s regular use not only keeps maintain the colour of hair, while also make them healthy and shiny. Take 2 to 3 table spoon coffee powder but be aware which coffee is using for that purpose it should not has any taste and colour. Then take 100 to 150 miligram water and mix the coffee in this. After that boil it until it’s mixture become thick. Then take it off from the stove and make it cold. After that apply this mixture on the head and leave it for 45 minutes.

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