A body has given to every human being. Through which they give expression of their natural abilities. Health is the base of life. Health is not only important, Rather it is compulsory to spend life with happiness. An unhealthy person never will be stay happy. Such a person will also be unable for the service of society and becomes a burden for the society. Life’s pleasure is with health. Everything be happy to know, That’s why because health considered the parole of successful life.

Health Informatics is the education which describes the principles of health and show the path to act on these principles. It is also the information by doing that, A person can keeps retain their health. Besides of this, This education also tells the healthiness rules, Avoid to diseases and ways to adopt the safety precautions. With conducting on these human can live a healthy life.

Health Informatics has two branches :

Basic health informatics :

Basic Information of health is directly link with those people, who are healthy. This is about the safety precautions from diseases and hygienic principles. Which very necessary for the kids and youngsters. In this, the information is provided about Hygiene, Diet and Safety measures from different types of contagious
diseases. With that, The positive changes can be produce in their theories. And not only can save own self from a specific disease rather also can check the reason of spreading this. Because health effects positively on the human life.

Secondary health informatics :

This information is very important for those who are sick. Information are gained through this about the perpetual disease of patients and brought a positive change on the temperament. Which are very important for health recovery of those patients. For example quit smoking or if during the treatment symptoms of disease are reappearing , then control it at initial stage or The persons who have multiple diseases should be adopt the Self-protection measures. So that, They will not be cause of inflate the disease.