6-month baby food chart | Important nutrition

6-month baby food chart and Nutritional requirements of infants:

The first supplemental diet should be given to the baby according to the 6-month baby food chart at the age of 4 to 6 months. This diet has to be soft, digest able and filled with nutrition. Otherwise, it will cause of bad effect on the health of the baby.

Mother’s milk:

Mother’s milk is the best milk for the infant and toddler. Because it is fulfilled with high nutrition. Which completes all requirements of the baby. No need for an additional diet with mother’s milk. Therefore, it should be drunk by the baby until he becomes tow years old.

6 month baby food chart

Substitute milk:

If initially, the mother’s milk is not advisable for the baby or this milk can not be provided to the baby then, according to the physical condition of the baby can drink the box milk, cow, buffalo and goat’s milk. Besides of mother’s milk which milk is given to baby should be boiled. Keep clean the bottle of milk.

Extra nutrition and matters:

Along with increasing the age of babies they should be provided extra nutrition besides milk. So, All their growth requirements will be completed. And they can grow properly and their health can be retained.

A Mother should be taking care of these matters:

Low quantity :

When a supplemental diet gives to the baby then, at the initial time that diet should be in low quantity. So that the baby can easily digest after eating.

Nature :

The diet which is given to the baby takes care that should be one nature of the food.

Sequence :

Supplemental diet has to provide in a sequence. First of all liquid, and after that soft, and then the hard type of diet should be given. The stomach of the baby can be disturbed with a hard diet.


The quantity of diet should be given to the baby, How much a baby eats happily at one time. Do not force them to eat much food.

Quantity of milk:

When the baby started eating a hard diet then reduce the quantity of milk by a period and increase the quantity of food.

Vitamin C :

When the baby grew up four to six months then mix some drops of tangerine in their food. That’s why because, the deficiency of vitamin c will not be produced.

4 months baby food chart :

Baby can eat the yogurt, boiled rice, oatmeals/porridge, soft banana, yolk of egg, the gruel of semolina, vegetables and meat soup when he/she grew 4 to 6 month old.

6 month baby food chart

6-month baby food chart :

At the age of 6 to the 8-month, the baby can eat the banana, apple marrow, minced meat which is baked soft or chicken meat, tapioca, the gruel of semolina, vegetable soup, and cereal.

10 to 12-month diet :

Baby can eat at this the biscuits, rusk, bread, soft fruits, yolk of egg, chicken and vegetable soup.

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